Post processing using Photoshop

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3ds max > Vray render elements > Photoshop You don’t have to always render everything to perfection in 3ds max. Render a basic scene with render elements and you can use photoshop to achieve what you have in your mind. Post processing using Photoshop is the quickest and easiest way to get realistic renders. Vray render elements These are the maps which are selected before rendering, so that you can use them to have full control during post processing. I’ll give you some of the render elements that I have used in this specific scene. ( Vray raw shadow, Vray […]

Logo Design

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Branding– Logo design Branding is one of the crucial elements to establish a business. It can be the name of the company,slogans or logo designs. Logos appeal to instant public recognition. They can be purely graphic or represent wordmark (logotype). Logo design is an important area of graphic design, and it is the image embodying an organization. Because logos are meant to represent companies’ brands or corporate identities and foster their immediate customer recognition, it is counterproductive to frequently redesign logos. HOW IT’S DONE: Here, I’ve shown you a very basic Logo design which is done using Adobe Photoshop. A logo doesn’t have to be too […]